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Does your trailer eat tires? Are you frustrated because no one knows why? If you’ve checked all the obvious things, it’s possible the axles are out of alignment on the trailer. If you are needing to replace those tires we have a huge selection of trailer tires & wheels in our parts department, but first check out the alignment of your trailer to get the most out of your trailer tires.

Tools Needed

You can find the problem at home with tools you probably already have, a tape measure & straightedge. For a straightedge, a good straight 2×4, or a piece of steel/pipe will all work, just make sure whatever you choose is straight by sighting down the edge. Use something about 8 feet long if you can. In these examples, we used angle iron. Hold the straightedge up against the bulge of the tire(s) as shown:


In the case of a multi-axle trailer, you are looking for all of the bulges of the tires to make contact with the straightedge, or to be very close, say within 1/8″. If there are larger gaps between the bulges & the straightedge, it indicates a bent axle, a bent spindle, or a bent wheel. (Check for a bent wheel by jacking the tire off the ground and giving it a spin. If it’s bent, you’ll see it wobbling) You can sort of read those gaps to identify what the problem is.) You can also learn how to identify what is right so you don’t spend money fixing a problem that doesn’t exist. Here’s an example of using the straightedge to find a bent axle spindle just by reading the gaps between the straightedge & the bulges of the tires.

When this trailer goes down the road, it is sort of skidding that one tire, causing heat to build up & friction to wear the rubber. Friction will wear the tread down, & the heat will eventually cause the tire to de-laminate & fail causing blowout or tread separation.

Use the straightedge & a tape measure to find out if your axles are in alignment to the trailer. Here are some illustrations to teach you how to use the straightedge & tape measure to figure out why your tires may be failing due to mis-alignment of the axles.


Using the following diagrams you can determine your trailer axle alignment problem and get the proper parts to fix your trailer.

Bent Spindle

If you need trailer spindle parts, search our parts department for trailer axle spindles.

Bent Trailer Axle

Determine which axle is bent using your straightedge and tape measure.

If you need to replace or repair a trailer axle, our parts department features trailer axle assemblies trailer axle repair parts.

If you need to replace or repair a trailer axle, our parts department features trailer axle assemblies trailer axle repair parts.

Bent or Out of Alignment Trailer Frame

Trailers with mis-aligned frames can cause numerous problems. Trailers that “dog track” down the highway are impossible to back up & are often mis-aligned.

Trailer Axles out of Alignment

Shifted axles on a trailer is common on boat trailers because the axles are frequently attached to the frame using U-bolts that can shift during assembly, maintenance or just during everyday use. Our trailer parts department carries a variety of trailer suspension parts to get you fixed up & working again.


The only difference here is that we aren’t comparing the alignment of the tires to each other, but we are comparing the alignment of the tire to the trailer frame to make sure it runs parallel to the frame. Use your same straightedge as before:

Measure from the straightedge to the frame in front of the wheel & record the measurement. Next measure from the straightedge to the frame in back of the wheel & compare the two measurements. Both dimensions should be the same. Do the same on both sides of the trailer to complete your trailer axle alignment check.

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