LAT614HG (Surge Brake Actuator Parts)

LAT614HG – surge brake actuator repair parts

Use the images and corresponding numbers to find the correct part numbers.

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Item Part Number Description
1 DEM-8103432 or CMI-SUN-SURGE01 Demco DA10 Surge Actuator – 6 Hole Down – Primer Red with No Mount Outer Case (DEM-8103432) – Painted Sunbelt Green with Bolt On Mounting Plate (CMI-SUN-SURGE01)
2 DEM-11060-97 Inner Slide – 6 Hole Down – Primer Red
3 DEM-10965 Top Slide Channel
4 DEM-10966 Bottom Slide Channel
5 DEM-10964 Spacer Block
6 DEM-SB12426 Damper Shock
7 DEM-05951 Safety Lever
8 DEM-05989 Push Rod Assembly
9 DEM-05679 0.125” Brake Orifice Fitting – 3/8” Thread – Full Flow (Shown on diagram and left photo – Removed from Actuator and threaded into 90° orifice)
10 DEM-03876 Master Cylinder Cap
11 DEM-5650 Master Cylinder Kit – Drum Brakes
12 DEM-05408 Safety Cable – 42” Long
13 DEM-03866-95 Lever Guide
14 DEM-05687 Master Cylinder Boot
15 DEM-10737 90° Brake Orifice (Shown on left photo)
16 BLU-18018-MF 18” Rubber Brake Hose – Male/Female – 3/16” Inverted Flare (Shown on both photos at each connection end)
17 BLU-25X15 Rubber Brake Hose Bracket (Shown on right photo – Welded to frame)
18 BLU-1457 Brake House Retainer Clip (Shown on right photo)
19 BLU-0347-002 Brake Line Kit for Tandem Axle Trailer (Shown on right photo at connection point – Does not show entire kit)

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Sunbelt Rentals: All part numbers should be listed in SmartEquip. Please inform us of any part numbers that may be missing.


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