Tie Down Engineering – LH 12″ x 2″ Hydraulic Drum Brake Backing Brake Assembly – GalvX


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  • This listing is for (1) Left Hand, Driver Side Tie Down Engineering Hydraulic Drum Brake backing plate. This backing plate mounts to your 5 Hole Brake Flange (Bottom Bolts Center to Center 3″, All following Bolts 2.10″ on Center). These are Marine Grade Backing plates, ideal for both fresh and saltwater boat trailers. Tie Down Engineering Hydraulic Drum Clusters feature a high performance Galv X corrosion resistant coating, tested and proven to outperform industry standard galvanizing. This coating performed 552 Hours during a Salt Spray Test sustaining only minimal Corrosion. Standard Galvanized backing plates sustain 100% Corrosion after only 300 Hours during Salt Spray test. The shoe dimensions on this drum brake cluster is 12″ x 2″, which is the standard for both 6 Lug and 8 Lug Brake Drum Hubs. This drum brake system features an an electrocoating sealed backing plate and shoe levers with rugged patented acrylic, permanently bonded to the surface, an aluminum wheel cylinder, and stainless steel brake springs. This Brake assembly not include mounting bolts or nuts. The cluster is pre-assembled just as pictured. Tie Down Engineering Brake Products are top of the line and are proven to perform. Having a properly working trailer brake system is not only important for safe and secure towing, but is also a legal requirement in most states. Tie Down Engineering Drum Brake backing plates will keep you safe and legal!
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