Curt Adjustable Channel Mount with Dual Ball (2″ shank, 10-1/8″ drop, 14,000lb capacity)


  • Mounts on trailer hitches with a 2″ x 2″ receiver tube opening
  • Adjustable channel mount allows for precise trailer leveling
  • Shank can be flipped for a max rise of 9-1/8″ and drop of 10-1/8″
  • 2″ ball rated for 10,000 lbs. and 2-5/16″ ball rated for 14,000 lbs.
  • Two hitch pin holes provide shank lengths of 11″ or 12″
  • Built-in anti-rattle helps promote quiet towing
  • Protected by a highly durable carbide powder coat finish
  • Limited lifetime warranty (one-year finish, one-year parts)
  • Includes pins & clips

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What if there was a hitch ball mount that eliminated the need for all other ball mounts? Whichever trailer you wanted to tow, this universal ball mount could be adapted to fit the job. Imagine never having to buy another ball mount for your hitch ever again. Sound too good to be true? With the CURT adjustable channel mount, that’s exactly what you get.

The adjustable channel mount is a highly versatile hitch ball mount option. It features a standard receiver hitch shank, a multi-level channel, and a standardized trailer ball attachment, allowing you to easily tow various types of trailers without requiring you to keep an arsenal of ball mounts on hand. It also features a highly durable construction built to withstand the elements, and built-in anti-rattle features for smooth, quiet towing.

The dual-ball head of this channel mount offers versatile towing options. It features standard 2″ and 2-5/16″ diameter trailer balls to fit two different size trailer couplers. The entire head securely attaches to the adjustable shank using the included hitch pins and clips, and these hitch pins can also be replaced with a hitch lock set for additional security.

This adjustable channel mount comes with a 2″ shank to fit any 2″ x 2″ receiver hitch. The shank has two hitch pin holes to adjust the length of the ball mount from 11″ to 12″. This provides extra clearance, as needed, for the rear bumper, a spare tire, or other obstructions.

The channel mount is set with a series of vertical holes to mount the included dual-ball. The holes are spaced 1″ apart, allowing the ball mount to perfectly suit the trailer for smooth, stable towing. This deep drop channel mount offers a maximum drop of 10-1/8″, and it can also flipped for a maximum rise of 9-1/8″.

For safety you can be confident in, each CURT adjustable channel mount design undergoes strict testing procedures. This model is constructed from high-strength forged steel and rated for a maximum gross trailer weight capacity of 10,000 lbs. for the 2″ ball and 14,000 lbs. for the 2-5/16″ ball. This makes it an excellent choice for livestock haulers, large flatbed trailers, deluxe travel trailers, and much more (never exceed the weight ratings of the lowest-rated towing component).

CURT adjustable channel ball mounts are not only built for tough jobs, but they are also engineered to offer smooth, quiet towing. Built into the adjustable shank is an anti-rattle mechanism — a rubber bumper that goes between the shank channel and the trailer ball attachment. This anti-rattle bumper greatly reduces vibrations and noise coming from the coupling point, providing a smoother, quieter ride for the road ahead.

In the world of heavy-duty towing, harsh conditions and relentless exposure to the elements aren’t uncommon. For this reason, the adjustable channel mount is finished with a highly durable carbide black powder coat finish. This helps withstand rain, snow, dirt, and road salt, protecting the shank from rust and corrosion. The dual-ball is given a yellow zinc finish for additional rust resistance.

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