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2-Pack of 30oz Bearing Grease


2-Pack of 30oz Bearing Grease

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  • Specifically formulated to lubricate and protect marine equipment.
  • Replaces: Mercury (Quicksilver) 2-4-C grease; OMC (System Matched) EP Bearing grease; Yamaha (Yamalube) greases.
  • Extremely low friction lubricant designed for maximum resistance to fresh and salt water washout.
  • Tremendous sealing capabilities prevent contamination of heat activated extreme pressure additives and high temperature stability allows for use in tilt block mechanisms, swivel pins, throttle linkages, steering system cables, U-joints, hinge points, gimble bearings, coupler splines and boat trailer wheel bearings applications with complete confidence in maximizing equipment protection.
  • Strong surface adhesion, advanced corrosion inhibitors and metal deactivators work together to battle component degradation and oxidation during storage or use in destructive marine environments.
  • Sold as a 2-pack of 3oz tubes

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