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SEAFLO – Diaphragm Water Pump – 12V


  • Seaflo 12V 3.0 GPM 33 series water pump 3 camber pump

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SEAFLO 3.0 GPM 33-Series Automatic-Demand Water Pressure Pump is their 3-chamber model capable of supplying up to 3.0 GPM. The pump can be used in both fresh and saltwater applications, making it ideal for supplying water to up to 4 fixtures or being able to be used as a raw water washdown pump. The complete rubber mounting base isolates pump vibration for very quiet operation. The pump is self-priming up to 6 vertical feet and has run-dry capabilities, which extends the life of the pump. The built-in adjustable pressure switch automatically starts and stops the pump when the faucet is opened or closed. The pressure switch is factory set to 45 PSI pressure cutoff, but this setting can be adjusted up or down by the user, depending on their use and preference. The pump comes with (2) 1/2″ barbed fittings and (1) inline intake strainer. These pumps will offer you power and reliability at a great price with a 4-Year Warranty.


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